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Sitefix Wall Starter Kit

Product Name:  Sitefix Wall Starter Kit

Item Code:  Smart Craftsmen-Sitefix WSK

Process:  Stamping / Punching / Bending

Raw Material:  Steel Sheet or Customized.

Package: one set / polybag, 10 sets / Carton or Customized.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Delivery Port: Tianjin-China.

Products Details

Wall Starter Kit, Stainless Steel Wall Starter Kit, Wall Tie Starter Kit Stainless Steel. A stainless steel system, designed to join new walls to existing masonry, suitable for both internal and external use in brick or block walls. Kit includes, x2 wall rails, x5 plugs / coach screws / washers, x10 wall rail connectors.


Item NameSitefix Wall Starter Kit
Sets / Carton10 Sets
Set / Polybag1 Set
Kit Length(2 x Profiles)

1.2m Wall Connectors (Qty 2), 8.0 x 50mm Plugs (Qty 5),  6.0 x 50mm Coach Screws (Qty 5), M6 Washers (Qty 5), Wall Connector Ties (Qty 10)

QTY / Pallet6000 Sets
Weight / Set0.91 KGS
Dimension of Carton1240 x 100 x 10