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Cavity Wall Tie(L Spouwanker)

Product Name:  Cavity Wall Tie-L spouwanker(CE Marking)

Item Code:  Smart Craftsmen-EUL-ANKER

Surface Treatment: Shiny

Raw Material: Stainless Steel 304 A2 and 316 A4 or others.

Package: 250 pieces / Inner Box, 2 or 4 Inner boxes /  Master Carton.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Standards: EN 845-1:2013+A1:2016.

Products Details

Cavity Wall Tie-L spouwanker(CE Marking)

Cavity Wall Tie-L spouwanker(CE Marking)

Part Number

30A4EUL-Anker1703mm x 170mm250 pieces / box
30A4EUL-Anker2003mm x 200mm250 pieces / box
30A4EUL-Anker2303mm x 230mm250 pieces / box
30A4EUL-Anker2603mm x 260mm250 pieces / box
30A4EUL-Anker2753mm x 275mm250 pieces / box
30A4EUL-Anker2903mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
30A4EUL-Anker3203mm x 320mm250 pieces / box
36A4EUL-Anker1703.6mm x 170mm250 pieces / box
36A4EUL-Anker2003.6mm x 200mm250 pieces / box
36A4EUL-Anker2303.6mm x 230mm250 pieces / box
36A4EUL-Anker2603.6mm x 260mm250 pieces / box
36A4EUL-Anker2903.6mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
40A4EUL-Anker2304mm x 230mm250 pieces / box
40A4EUL-Anker2604mm x 260mm250 pieces / box
40A4EUL-Anker2754mm x 275mm250 pieces / box
40A4EUL-Anker2904mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
40A4EUL-Anker3204mm x 320mm250 pieces / box
50A4EUL-Anker2905mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
50A4EUL-Anker3205mm x 320mm250 pieces / box
50A4EUL-Anker3505mm x 350mm
250 pieces / box
50A4EUL-Anker4005mm x 400mm250 pieces / box
36A2EUL-Anker2303.6mm x 230mm250 pieces / box
36A2EUL-Anker2603.6mm x 260mm250 pieces / box
36A2EUL-Anker2753.6mm x 275mm250 pieces / box
36A2EUL-Anker2903.6mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
40A2EUL-Anker2304mm x 230mm250 pieces / box
40A2EUL-Anker2604mm x 260mm250 pieces / box
40A2EUL-Anker2754mm x 275mm250 pieces / box
40A2EUL-Anker2904mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
40A2EUL-Anker3204mm x 320mm250 pieces / box
50A2EUL-Anker2905mm x 290mm250 pieces / box
50A2EUL-Anker3205mm x 320mm250 pieces / box
50A2EUL-Anker3505mm x 350mm250 pieces / box
Noteother raw material, length and dimensions is also available.