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Rib Lath Sheet / Rib Expanded Metal Lath / Galvanized Rib Lath

Product Name: Rib Lath Sheet

Item Code:  Smart Craftsmen-G/S-RL

Raw Material: Galvanised steel or Stainless Steel.

Package: Cartons and Pallets or Customized.

Length: 2.0-3.0 Metre or Customized.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Standards: DX51.BSEN 10142 (g 275) and SS garde of 1.4301 Stainless Steel.

Products Details

3/8” High-Rib Lath Sheet are used for horizontal applications. Its seven longitudinal ribs (each 3/8 inch deep) and eight small flat ribs provide additional rigidity. Herringbone grid patterns provide ceiling and soffit installations The excellent adhesion of plaster and slats is achieved. The 1/8-inch flat ribs on the outer edges of the boards allow for smooth overlap and reduce plaster cracks at the overlap. For these reasons, coupled with the product’s span of up to 24" oc, Make High Rib Lath Sheet an excellent slat for horizontal installation.

Rib Lath Sheet Feature and Application

Reliably hold plaster or plaster (all sold separately) in place for wall, ceiling and soffit applications

For horizontal applications

The span is up to 24 inches.

Steel structure provides durability

Hot-dip galvanized surface provides corrosion resistance

10 feet long x 3/8 inches thick

Herringbone mesh pattern

3/8-inch self-flanging V-groove rib for positioning away from the application surface

8 small flat ribs provide rigidity

The 1/8-inch flat ribs on the outer edge of the board form a smooth overlap, which helps reduce plaster cracks at the overlap

Smart Craftsmen Metal Products Sales Co., Ltd. established in 2016, but our history can goes back to 2008, Smart Craftsmen has three production workshops includes technology--bending, stamping, welding, cold-heading, and thread rolling, etc, located in Hebei province, China.

Rib Lath Sheet Specifications

Item Code
G 275 Galvanized Steel
2500 x 6000.4mm
SRL1.4301 Stainless Steel2500 x 6000.4mm
NoteOther thickness, size and raw material is also avaliable.

7 Rib 8 Opening

Item Code
Rib Distance(mm)Weight(KGS)Size(mm)
2440 x 610
RL78350.351002.092440 x 610
RL78400.401002.382440 x 610
0.451002.682440 x 610
RL78500.501002.982440 x 610

9 Rib 4 Opening

Item Code
Rib Distance(mm)Weight(KGS)Size(mm)
2440 x 610
RL94350.35752.282440 x 610
RL94400.40752.532440 x 610
0.45752.842440 x 610
RL94500.50753.152440 x 610

5 Rib 8 opening 

Item Code
Rib Distance(mm)Weight(KGS)Size(mm)
2440 x 610
RL58350.351501.532440 x 610
RL58400.401501.752440 x 610
0.451501.962440 x 610
RL58500.501502.172440 x 610

Rib Lath Sheet Installation

Fixing of Riblath Sheets

Riblath is fixed so that the tip of the rib is placed against the supporting background. The rib of the sheet should run at right angles to any supports. Ensure that sheets are overlapped by a minimum of 50mm end to end and by 25mm widthways and that the ribs are nestled together.

Timber Support

Riblath is fixed at each rib to timber supports using plasterers' nails or staples. Ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, ie. do not use galvanised fixings for stainless steel.

Metal Support

Riblath is fixed at each rib to metal support using 1.63mm galvanised or stainless steel tying wire. When joining riblath sheets overlap the edge ribs and tie the edges with 1.22mm tying wire at 150mm centres.

Solid Background

Riblath can be fixed to a solid background using a suitable fixing which holds the ribs firmly against the background. Where sheets are installed vertically, fixings should be positioned through all ribs at 600mm centres to ensure adequate stability.

Packing & Delivery

Rib Lath Sheet / Rib Expanded Metal Lath / Galvanized Rib Lath