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Factory Directly Sale Slab Bolster Epoxy & Dipped

Product Name:  Slab Bolster Epoxy & Dipped

Item Code:  Smart Craftsmen-SBED

Surface Treatment: Customize.

Raw Material: Customize.

Package: Customize.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Loading Port:  Tianjin Port

Products Details

Metal Slab Bolster Epoxy & Dipped are used to support layers of mesh or rebar, and maintain the proper spacing between mats and forms. Legs are spaced on 5” centers. Cover heights range from 1” to 3” heights in 5-ft. lengths. Manufactured in basic wire, or epoxy-coated. 

Products Features

Part #
SBED-1001"x5' Slab Bolster - plain1"3,000 PCS
SBED-1501-1/2""x5' Slab Bolster - plain1-1/2"2,000 PCS
SBED-2002"x5' Slab Bolster - plain2"2,000 PCS
SBED-3003"x5' Slab Bolster - plain3"1,200 PCS
NoteAdditional sizes available.