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China Factorty of Beam Bolster Upper-Plain

Product Name:  Beam Bolster Upper-Plain

Item Code:  Smart Craftsmen-SBP

Surface Treatment: Customize.

Raw Material: Customize.

Package: Customize.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Loading Port:  Tianjin Port

Products Details

Metal Beam Bolster Upper-Plain are used to support layers of mesh or rebar, and maintain the proper spacing between mats and forms. Legs are spaced on 2-1/2"centers. Cover heights range from 1” to 3” heights in 5-ft. lengths. Manufactured in basic wire, or epoxy-coated. 

Products Features

Part #
BBUP-1001"x5' - Beam Bolster Upper-Plain1"3,000 PCS
BBUP-1501-1/2"x5' - Beam Bolster Upper-Plain1-1/2""2,000 PCS
BBUP-2002"x5' - Beam Bolster Upper-Plain2"2,000 PCS
BBUP-3003"x5' - Beam Bolster Upper-Plain3"1,200 PCS
NoteAdditional sizes available.