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China Timber Connectors Tooth Plate

Product Name:  Timber Connector Tooth Plate

Item Code:  Smart Craftsmen-TCTP

Process:  Stamping / Punching / Bending

Raw Material:  DX51D-Z275/G300-Z275 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet or Customized.

Package:  100 pieces / CTN or Customized.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Delivery Port: Tianjin-China.

Products Details

Timber Connectors & Tooth Plate Connectors

Timber connectors improve the transfer of loads by increasing the bearing area between the fasteners and the timber. Timmber connectors & Tooth plate connectors are made from cold rolled band steel or hot dipped galvanised mild steel. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with diameters ranging from 38 to 165 mm. Larger connectors are available for use in glued-laminated members. They are mostly circular, but square and oval shapes are also available. The joints are normally held together by bolts installed with round or square washers of a size about half the diameter of the connectors used. They come with one-sided and double-sided toothing. 

The tooth plate connectors are used in laterally loaded timber-to-timber and steel-to-timber joints. They are pressed into the timber members to be connected. Double-sided tooth plate connectors are used in timber-to-timber joints; alternatively, pairs of single-sided connectors may be used back-to-back, if the joints should be demountable. Single-sided connectors are also used in steel-to-timber joints. Since the teeth are pressed into the timber, tooth plate connectors can only be used in timber or wood-based panel products with a characteristic density of not more than about 500kg/m3. 


Part NumberBolt SizeDiameter(mm)
TypeMaterialMaterial thickness
STC38-12M1238Single Sided
Pre-galvanized Steel
STC50-12M1250Single SidedPre-galvanized Steel0.9
STC63-12M1263Single SidedPre-galvanized Steel1.2
STC76-16M1276Single SidedPre-galvanized Steel1.2
DTC38-12M1238Double Sided
Pre-galvanized Steel0.9
DTC50-12M1250Double SidedPre-galvanized Steel0.9
DTC63-12M1263Double SidedPre-galvanized Steel1.2
DTC76-16M1676Double SidedPre-galvanized Steel1.2

Part NumberBolt SizeDiameter(mm)
TypeMaterialMaterial thickness
DTC50-12SSM1250Double Sided
Stainless Steel
DTC76-12SSM1276Double SidedStainless Steel1.2
STC50-12SSM1250Single SidedStainless Steel0.9
STC76-12SSM1276Single SidedStainless Steel1.2