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Bag Ties vs Tie Wires: Which One to Choose?

Nov. 05, 2021

Reinforcement bars are used to strengthen concrete in foundations and other structures such as walls etc. The rebar is then tied together using ties or bagging straps to keep it in place. Although they are not conducive to structural integrity, it ensures that the rebar is correctly positioned.


Various types of ties can be used when securing reinforcement during concrete placement. The best known are the "Bag Ties" or "Tie Wires".


Tie Wires

Tie wire is made from annealed wire and is widely used for tying reinforcing steel and rebar mesh. It has high tensile strength and is the most commonly used product for lashing reinforcement. Tie wires are available in 1.57 mm diameter and in various materials such as black, galvanized, and stainless steel. They are relatively easy to use and very convenient. In addition, they are durable and have a long shelf life.

 Galvanized Rebar Tie Wire

Galvanized Rebar Tie Wire     


Excellent flexibility and softness. Drawn, pickled, and annealed for excellent flexibility and suppleness.

Corrosion-resistant and durable. With a galvanized and PVC-coated surface, this soft annealed steel tie is corrosion resistant and resistant to breakage.

High standard and quality. It has the perfect properties to make your work more efficient without harm.


Mainly used for matching plants in gardens to protect and erect trees, vines, and vines.

As packaging for cereals potatoes, lime, sugar cane, seeds, bread, etc. in everyday life.

Rebar ties are widely used for reinforcing steel, fixing concrete buildings, swimming pools.

Recommended applications for wire, bar, wood, PVC pipe, tubing, and other bundled products.

Hand-made crafts.

 PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire 

 PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire     

Bag ties

Similarly, bag ties are made from annealed wire and are used for tying reinforcing bars and reinforcing mesh. They are made of soft annealed wire that is flexible, easily twisted but tough, and does not break easily. With loops at both ends, they can be fixed easily and quickly. They are available in large quantities and in different sizes.


Wrap-around ties versus cable ties

Compared to cable ties, wrap-around ties are easier and quicker to use, especially when using metal hook tools. On the downside, they are more expensive than cable ties and are not suitable for fanny packs used in larger projects. Bag ties are widely used in swimming pool construction, mainly because their ease of use allows for faster construction than standard ties.


Annealed galvanized and PVC-coated rebar tying wire

Also known as rebar tying wire, rebar tie wire is made from the softest low carbon annealed steel wire. Fully galvanized and PVC coated for excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance, it is mainly used for tying rebar and supporting garden plants.



Each reinforcement bar that provides strength to the concrete is held together with either a tie wire or a bag tie. Ties can be challenging to install compared to ties that are easy to install on small-scale projects. This helps to pour the concrete and complete the construction quicker without wasting too much time. 

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