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Applications Of Stainless Steel

May. 21, 2021

When selecting the right tying wire, you need to make sure you choose the material that best suits your application needs, while also being budget sensitive. This requires working with an experienced stainless steel wire supplier. Stainless steel tying wire manufacturers know that it is cost-effective, strong, durable, corrosion, and heat-resistant.


Stainless steel tying wire suppliers usually recommend it for its cost-effectiveness. However, the interesting thing about stainless steel tying wire is that its moderate price is due to low maintenance costs, long service life, high availability, and ease of use and installation compared to more expensive alternatives such as tungsten. Thus, the mechanical ductility of the material, including its longevity, and its availability make it ideal stainless steel for many use cases.

The strength and durability

Another reason stainless steel has become the industry standard is because of the strength and durability of stainless steel tying wire. In comparison, galvanized steel with a tensile strength of up to 550 MPa gives stainless steel significant strength. As a result, stainless steel has a long life.  Stainless steel remains effective in a wide range of applications over many cycles, making it ideal for many applications.


Ideal for taping or lashing, stainless steel tying wire can be used in a variety of applications, it is soft and malleable so it can be bent, twisted and tied.

our products using for various industries include building construction, greenhouse & garden, automotive, furniture industries, etc.

The UK Department of Road Works Transport specification requires the use of 1.2mm stainless steel lashing wire to complete the fixing of stainless steel rebar. This is used for highways, bridges, and many other structures.

Stainless Steel Wire Wall Tie

Stainless steel is used extensively in the construction industry. One of the products it is especially useful for creating is wall ties, which are used to securely attach internal walls to external across a cavity. 

In the UK, the traditional type of brick and block building comprises two rows of masonry separated by a cavity. Installing wall ties allows the two walls to act as a single, homogeneous unit, preventing structural issues such as water ingress, cracking of masonry, and eventual collapse.

The selection of which type of wall tie is most suitable for any given building is dependent on a number of factors, including masonry type, cavity width, type of building, the height of the building, and geographical location. Eurocodes and Building Regulations govern the correct usage of stainless steel wall ties.

Wall Tie

Wall Tie

Card Wire Holders

This love heart card wire holder will make a truly special gift for your Valentine this year!

This large metal heart-shaped frame displays a variety of materials including photos, cards, messages, hanging decorations, memoirs, and more.


You can create your own personalized storage panel to hang on your wall! This delightful holder is the perfect gift for your loved ones to display your fond memories together!

You can also use it to display at your wedding reception - either fill it with your favorite photos with the bride or groom or have everyone fill it with cards and photos during the day.

Love Heart Card Wire Holder

 Love Heart Card Wire Holder


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