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16 Gauge Black Annealed Tying Wire

Product Name: Black Annealed Tying Wire

Item Code: Smart Craftsmen-BATW

Surface Treatment: Primary Color

Raw Material: SAE1006 SAE1008 Q195 Q235 or Others.

Package: 1000 Pieces / Bundle, CTNS and Pallets.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China.

Standards: International.

Products Details

Black Annealed Tying Wire is made of high-quality annealed wire, galvanized wire, pvc coated wire, stainless steel wire and copper wire.When the loop ties machine running, it will automatic send wire and straight. meanwhile, the iron wire also cutted and bent loops at the both end. neat incision, low mistake rate and length exactly. commonly used in construction, prefabrication and prestressing, bagging and strapping, casting, carpet and textile, fencing, paper and packaging. Black annealed wire is mainly processed into coiled wire, coiled wire or large package wire. Or further straighten and cut into cutting lines and U-shaped lines. Compared with black iron wire, black annealed wire is softer and more flexible.

Black Annealed Tying Wire is also called "strapping wire and strapping coil". Annealing lashing wire is a malleable wire used to fix steel bars, steel meshes, and steel bar shape codes together. Available are 2 kg mini rolls or large rolls. No. 16 strapping wire is a must-have for all large-scale and DIY projects and can be used with all rebar accessories.

Black Annealed Tying Wire Application:

Coiled wire, coiled wire, large package wire.

Cut thread and U-shaped thread.

Cable ties and strapping wires used at home.

Barbed wire and fence material.

Materials for construction and park nets.

Baling hay in agriculture.

Delivery date

Delivery location:Tianjin Port

Delivery time:15 days

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Black Annealed Tying Wire Specifications & Features

Product Name
Black Annealed Tying Wire

Surface Treatment

Black Annealed

Wire Diameter


Wire Gauge

BWG6 to BWG2


1000/ 2500 / 5000 PCS per roll, hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside, more rolls packing to woden pallet.


there is two loops in both end of the wire, easy to carry in the construction, used in the daily life.

Wire GaugeLength Roll WeightQTY / Roll
15 Gauge10"51.4 LB
5000 Pieces 
16 Gauge4"
26.5 LB5000 Pieces
16 Gauge5"29.1 LB5000 Pieces
16 Gauge6"32.6 LB5000 Pieces
16 Gauge10"48.5 LB5000 Pieces
18 Gauge4"

19.8 LB

5000 Pieces
19 Gauge7"11.9 LB5000 Pieces