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Galvanised Heavy Duty Twisted Restraint Straps 2000mm

Product Name: Heavy Duty Twisted Restraint Straps 2000mm

Item Code: Smart Craftsmen-HDTS2000

Raw Material: Pre-Galvanised Stee(DX51D+G275)

Thickness: 4.0mm or 5.0mm

Width: 30mm

Length: 2000mm or others customize length

Type: Twisted Strap

Products Details

Product Name: 

Galvanised Heavy Duty Twisted Restraint Straps 2000mm

Product Information:

The heavy duty twisted restraint strap is a general-purpose timber connector, that has been manufactured from strong and durable galvanised steel. Its purpose is to connect timber floor and roof systems to masonry walls and to secure a strong bond between the timber joists. Galvanised Heavy Duty Restraint Strap Flat / Straight / Bent / Twisted is designed for lateral and horizontal restraint (as in roof trusses). The straps are produced from edge coated galvanised mild steel, also available in stainless steel. They are designed for 6mm and 25mm offset centres holes.

Use & Application: 

This bend can be used either vertically or horizontally, some applications include:

  • As a holding down strap between cavity walls

  • Provides restraint against uplift to timber frames

  • Fixes and holds beams, wall plates to masonry

  • Offers lateral restraint roof trusses, rafters, and joist tied to masonry 


  • Made up of durable pre-galvanised steel

  • Ensures a fast and effective anchoring

  • Flexible - can be applied vertically and horizontally

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Efficiently connects timber to masonry

  • Its holes allow effortless application